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Dating a man who is 10 years older can have benefits as well as pitfalls. have a more successful relationship with someone who is a decade older than you.

Don't lead with "dentures. Lead with the fact that it's this temporary dental thing, just for the next couple months until you get such-and-such. If you must refer to them as "dentures," do it with a sense of humor and only after you've given the explanation. And don't give it a dramatic build-up about how there's something you should know about me Find a time to mention it the way you might mention any of life's little hassles you've been dealing with lately.

It's not a deep, dark secret. Not unless you think of it as one, that is.

I'm going to take a not-so-wild guess that if you're worried about your dental situation as it relates to dating, then you're probably overly concerned with what other people think about you in general. That's something that will hurt your dating game much more than wearing a silly dental appliance or having no teeth at all.

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You'll be glad you did! Confidence comes from within your mind--not your mouth!

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I'm not much older early 30's , female and have full fledged dentures. I date up a storm. It has never been a problem. As with any "odd" body thing don't let it be the first thing out of your mouth heh.. But I can tell you that has proven not to be the case for me and in fact I am enjoying myself more as I have more confidence in opening my mouth and smiling than I did before. So IMO don't put dating on hold.

Dating With Dentures

Put yourself out there. You, yourself, just said that you look better now than before.

Dating with dentures & a little bit of a rant!

So take advantage of that and move forward. No sense for putting your life on hold for something I swear that Pretty much what kanata said. Especially about the confidence. I was born with a milder form of a pretty nasty birth defect, the symptoms of which included fucked-up teeth. I only ever had 18 or 19 permanent teeth. The last of my baby teeth were yanked when I was The permanents that did come in were weak and brittle, a few of them broke off at the gum level.

Are you worried he may be able to tell you have a denture if you have a kiss? What sort of kiss are you expecting.? Let us know how it goes!

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Re the denture-I had a partial denture prior to having an implant and my hubby certainly never noticed it! Fixodent is your friend! Yes 1st Internet date and we will see. We both seem to like each other and have talked a lot on the phone. Hi Sazz - really? If all goes well then yes I'd like a good snog!

Just nerous as hell and wondering whether to say nothing or be upfront should things develop. I used to keep it in all the time until it was time for sleep and then would pop it in the pot at the side of the bed and pop it back in when the alarm went off!

Dating With Dentures | iweardentures!

That is reassuring although I only take mine out to be cleaned etc - I'm hoping one day to afford the implants - real confidence knock Sazz. My best friend denture wearing met her now husband 3yrs ago on a dating site and they are so happy, forget about the denture,take it one step at a time.. I never took my denture out apart from cleaning. I had one from 14 so was wearing it when I met my husband 49 years ago it was never a problem.

Enjoy your date and forget your teeth apart from the obvious checking for cabbage. There's no need at all to mention the denture. For all you know he may have full dentures! Have a lovely time and hope all goes well. I haven't got dentures, but think there is adhesive you can use??. Don't mention the denture.

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Just enjoy his company. If the relationship develops and he cares about you I'm sure at his age he has something going on he is apprehensive about! If he is that superficial that a denture bothers him It's all very well being told don't worry about it but like you, I do!!!

My denture is some expensive 'private' contraption with metal plate. Very secure but just vile! Saving up for implants!

It's just not a subject one tends to drop into a normal conversation. It is goofy and unnatural looking, especially if you wear only an upper or lower plate rather than both and the colors don't match. A good dentist will not allow you to choose a color that is not becoming. An even better dentist is the one who works with a really great lab that does outstanding cosmetic work. He or she will also offer you varying shades for the pink gum area. I recommend a flesh color there rather than a bright pink.

For a really beautiful upper denture, it is also important that the lower line of your plate does not go around your mouth in a straight line. Make sure that the third tooth on both the right and left side of the plate teeth 6 and 11 come down a bit lower than the rest.

Always use a little adhesive on your plate for maximum comfort when you eat and socialize. When you're alone at night, soak your dentures to clean them thoroughly and give your gums a rest by leaving your dentures out while you sleep. My significant other wants to make out with out his dentures in. He got his feelings hurt.

Said he can't be himself. It is what it is… Beauty is beauty, oral sex is oral sex, one's skill set is one's skill set, pain is pain and pleasure is pleasure. Thanks for the encouragement! Totally agree with Malecai. He's lucky to not have to spend another moment with her.



Btw I'm here researching, my family is cursed with bad teeth and I'm thinking about going the denture route. To the person that said ready to dumb the denture were wating. To which some can leave you without teeth and then. Very rude and selfish your pity comments are. But really so vain. She would scrub my teeth with a brill pad and took every bit of enamel off my teeth.