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Dating a man who is 10 years older can have benefits as well as pitfalls. have a more successful relationship with someone who is a decade older than you.

When I explained it in terms of my beliefs and values and the adjunct that neither of us would actively date a Tory sorry Boris then it made more sense. By telling them what you believe and why — but absolutely not in a preachy way — they will become more informed and might actually change some of their ways or attitudes. Understanding things such as eating out — how you might have to be the person that makes more of the decisions — or what activities you might want to do on dates is an important part of any relationship, especially if it seems like one person has more control.

Make sure there are areas you can relinquish to balance out the relationship if that is the case.

How do vegans feel about dating non-vegans? So a partner who insisted on that would be a no go for me, if I planned to have kids. I cook most of the time and when he cooks for us it is vegan. I won't buy nonvegan products so he shops for his stuff.

Can Vegans and Meat Eaters Have Lasting Relationships?

He had switched to almond milk and will happily go along with substitutions that are vegan for things he eats or uses regularly. I wouldn't appreciate him trying to "convert" me, so I give him the same respect by not trying to convert him. Works fine for us. My wife is not.

Can Vegans Date Non Vegans Without Aggro?

It's been that way we met 10 yrs ago. It's about the personally match for the relationship and respecting each other's choices rather than forcing one into something they aren't into. This is how it is with my boyfriend and I. I do all of the cooking so he eats all vegan when we're together but he does his own thing on his own.

He's super open minded about it and respects me.

Should vegans date non-vegans?

He also makes an effort to make small changes like getting Soy milk in his coffee because he knows it makes me happy. I had turned vegan from eating meat about a month before I met my so. He ate meat too but has now gone vegetarian. We only cook vegan food at home and I don't think it will be too long before he goes vegan. I never bugged him about it it's a choice he has to make on his own.

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I think it's more about how supportive the person is? Like if they're encouraging and supportive and love vegan food, but they like to eat cheese once or twice a week, then fine!

Would you/do you date a non vegan? Why/why not? : vegan

Wife and I were both omnivores before we married, I went vegan after. She's been very supportive, and we didn't eat all that much meat to begin with anyway. I don't know if she'll ever make the the switch herself. But at least I get to expose her to great vegan food. I do a lot of the cooking and she knows I won't eat non-vegan things, so most of our meals end up vegan as it is.

VEGAN DATING - Our Experiences, Advice, and Strategies

She'll sometimes cook meat for herself or orders it when we're out, but I figure she eats way less than she otherwise would. I can't see any reason to disrupt our happy relationship over it. Maybe she'll have the same realizations I do some day. I don't know, but it took me long enough myself. So it'd be pretty hypocritical for me to demand she do it on my terms.

She listens to my ideas. What better chance do we get to influence someone?

Drawing the Line

Even if I wasn't married, I think dating another vegan would be preference rather than mandatory. It's always good to be in the same page with values, but I have non-vegan friends. Besides, the person isn't going to eat any less meat if they don't date me, so what's to lose?

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  • Can Vegans Date Non Vegans and Live Happily Ever After?.
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  • Problems I luckily don't have to actually deal with I suppose. I guess it comes down to how much of it you can tolerate in your life. We still have eggs and milk on the conveyor at the grocery store, but every other item is vegan, so I'm proud we've come that far as a couple. My boyfriend of 3. Every meal makes a difference. Yes I would date a non-vegan.

    Being vegan doesn't make someone a good person, and there things I value in someone besides veganism. Also wouldn't want to be with someone who needs meat for every meal or if they're a man, sees meat consumption as vital to their masculinity. Would be so weird to ask them to brush their teeth after every non vegan meal but would be even grosser to kiss them with a mouth full of animal blood. Was married over 20 years before going vegan so yeah.

    Three years vegan and I'm still the only vegan in my house of omnifam. I've been vegan for almost 3 years now, so I'm a bit desensitized to it. I don't want to be angry and limit myself and be overcome with bitterness like I used to be. So here is how I date guys:. I mention I'm vegan when food first comes up so he doesn't end up buying me nonvegan stuff.

    Usually they find it interesting. I have yet have a guy be upset about it lol. Obviously if he has a bad reaction to my veganism I steer clear of him. I only explain I do it for the animals if they ask. I do it for animals and health btw. Long term, I can't date someone who doesn't care about their health though.

    If a guy is actively eating junk food and KFC I can't be around him cause it makes me uncomfortable and I don't see him outliving me. I prefer to not have my husband die at 45 of a heart attack if I can help it. Otherwise, if he cares about his health I'll date him. But animal abuse will come up and if he's someone that truly doesn't care about animal abuse or is a hypocrit, I see that as a problem and will end things.