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Dating a man who is 10 years older can have benefits as well as pitfalls. have a more successful relationship with someone who is a decade older than you.

I don't even care about hooking up with them at this point anymore.

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Join Date Jun Gender: Location Sydney Posts Join Date May Gender: Age 35 Posts 2. Dude, I'm a noob 3 months in community and I get flakes here in Zagreb very rarely. Of course, you should also qualify so that YOU have a reason to meet with her again.

Dating Croatian Girl Guide | NightlifeDiary

Location Where good girls go to die Cro: Age 30 Posts 4. Sounds like your problem lies in your qualification.

A little Croatian geography

Do you ever give a reason a part from her looks why you want to meet up with her again? Rokker Love Systems' Instructor http: M on Sticking Points Reviews: Join Date Jan Gender: Location is this a shit test?

Why do we all love Croatian women so much?

Age 33 Posts It's supposed that you show something of interesting to them,so that's why they give you their number,but you don't qualify your intentions. I'll be more accurated: Girls from this part of Europe i come from Italy so i know what's going on are something like "Bitchshielded" with delay,they give you the number,since they were really interested at the moment,and when you call back 2 days later "Omfg,what the hell he'll want from me? Therefore, we like to eat well, we like to drink well and to enjoy life as much as we can, even if it means not working too hard sometimes.

If you take a walk through Croatian downtowns during working hours you might be surprised by the amount of people in bars and restaurants. Dating a Croatian girl has no room for being stingy.

Even if we have a crush we can wait for months rather than making the first move, so make sure to take initiative or you might end up waiting forever. Showing admiration is a plus, but do it moderately, or you might come off as a sleazebag. Having coffee takes hours, going out for a drink takes hours, getting to the part where you kiss after a great date takes time etc.

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We tend to think we know everything. And I mean a lot.

All About Croatian!

And not just wine and beer. A lot of spirits.